Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SSRN changes - political science

It has come to my attention that changes at the SSRN are on the horizon. Readers will already know of their helpful databases concerning law, business, economics, and accounting. The SSRN, however, is expanding in two ways. First, they are trying to make greater inroads outside the US. A new series in European law will be under way soon (if not already). I am hoping Newcastle will soon have a series on SSRN in a shortwhile too, as more British universities post paper series on SSRN.

Second, the SSRN has decided to expand their database to a new subject: political science. It will be interesting to see how this takes shape. I quite appreciate the SSRN as an invaluable vehicle for disseminating research, especially in rough draft form. However, much of my work fits well into law generally defined. I will be curious to see how quickly this new database expands and takes root. I'll certainly trumpet the idea around Newcastle's Politics department.

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