Thursday, July 03, 2008

We have reached 100,000!

The Brooks Blog has now broke the 100,000 hits barrier. As I noted previously when we reached 50,000 hits (last October) and my one year of blogging anniversary post, I am genuinely thrilled to see the popularity of blog continue to grow.

In the beginning, the blog was simply a space where I posted the latest drafts of my papers (and it attracted only a few hits per day). I was then encouraged by a variety of friends, not least Brian Leiter, to develop the blog more and so it has been expanded to cover philosophical news with an emphasis on higher education issues and commentary on public affairs.

Since launching the blog on 15th June 2006, it has been a genuine delight to know others enjoy the blog, too. My thanks to all readers of the blog for their encouragement and support!

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