Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Committee on Philosophy and Law news

I am pleased to announce news from the American Philosophical Association's Committee on Philosophy and Law. The new membership has just been announced:


Thom Brooks (Newcastle)


Michael Steven Green (William & Mary)

David Lefkowitz (UNC, Greensboro)

Melinda Roberts (College of New Jersey)

Kevin Toh (Indiana)

Alec Walen (Maryland)

Steve Scalet and Chris Griffin edit the Committee's Newsletter.

The group has benefitted greatly from members departing this summer, including Judith Wagner DeCew (Clark), Keith Gunderson (Macalester), Ken Himma (Seattle Pacific), and, most especially, the current (outstanding) chair Julie Van Camp (UC, Long Beach). I certainly look forward to working with such a terrific team!

Moreover, I should also say how pleased I am to know that one can be in a non-philosophy department ---I am in Politics--- and in a non-US department ---I am in the United Kingdom--- and still be granted such an opportunity. I would strongly encourage fellow ex-pats and others in the UK and elsewhere who regularly attend the APA's conferences to become active in the APA's many committees.

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Matt said...

Congratulations, Thom- it looks like a great bunch. I'll be eager to see the activities of the committee over the next year.