Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Association of Philosophy Journal Editors is back!

Carole Gould (outstanding editor of the Journal of Social Philosophy) and I (editor of the Journal of Moral Philosophy) are bringing back the Association of Philosophy Journal Editors.

There are a range of issues --- from journal rankings to copyright to good practice --- that affect all of us who edit philosophy journals. We both believe very strongly in the need to bring us all together and we are planning a relaunch at the American Philosophical Association--Eastern Division this December.

Please help us spread the word to philosophy journal editors! I will soon be contacting fellow editors in order to create a membership list ahead of the meeting.

I would greatly appreciate it if any interested philosophy journal editors reading this post contacted me here if they have not yet heard from me.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO! I welcome this effort. I am a former President of APJE (1980s?). Then and Now this professional effort is very important. Especially valuable will be circulation and updating of the APA/APJE Guidelines.
--Arnold Wilson
Executive Editor, Teaching Philosophy

The Brooks Blog said...

Arnold - it is a particular pleasure to hear from you. Yes, Carol Gould and I have relaunched APJE last year and we had a terrific turnout at the APA-Eastern. We'll be meeting at this year's Eastern as well and I'd enjoy meeting you, if you were attending. You are absolutely correct about the importance of this association to the profession and I'm glad to find so much interest in the group's activities, hopefully, for the good of the profession.