Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taking from the poor to pay for the rich?

The BBC reports the following here (an excerpt):

"[. . .] The poorest performing universities may have to be closed so as not to hinder more successful institutions, a business leader warns.

Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI, said ministers should consider axing weak universities as they press ahead with public spending cuts.

Mr Lambert said a small number of institutions were already "in serious financial difficulty".
He said bailing them out could be at the price of better institutions.

In a speech at Sheffield University, Mr Lambert said "a large cohort" of universities were heading for "very big trouble".

"What would the government do about it?" he asked.

"Would it take the politically explosive but probably economically sensible decision to close or merge the worst run institutions? Or would it instead attempt to bail them out?

"That would mean the already reduced quantities of jam having to be spread even more thinly across the system, making our best universities pay the price for the incompetence of the worst." [. . .]"

This may be worrying news for some as the new coalition government announces the need for "radical change" (see here).

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