Friday, October 22, 2010

New job losses in British higher education

Many worried about job security in British higher education after the publication of the Browne Report and Comprehensive Spending Review. Major cuts have been announced only days afterwards: the University of Dundee will axe 195 jobs according the Times Higher. The Dundee Vice-Chancellor is quoted saying:

"[. . .] Pete Downes, principal and vice-chancellor of Dundee, said: “This is about reprioritising our activities to enable us to invest in those areas that will deliver excellence and impact. At the same time, we have to establish the future financial sustainability of the university, and we have been working especially closely with the colleges and services to identify where savings can be made.” [. . .]"

My best guess is that the close timing to the Report and subsequent Review suggests no link: indeed, these cuts come after a strategic review they initiated in 2009. Nevertheless, it may be the first of many headlines post-Browne that will raise concerns in the sector.

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