Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Studies in Moral Philosophy

I am delighted to announce a new book series in moral philosophy:

Studies in Moral Philosophy is a new book series affiliated with the Journal of Moral Philosophy. This new series will publish books in all areas of normative philosophy, including applied ethics and metaethics, as well as moral, legal, and political theory. Book proposals exploring non-Western traditions are also welcome. The series seeks to promote lively discussions and debates among the wider philosophical community by publishing work that avoids unnecessary jargon without sacrificing academic rigour.

Prospective authors interested in contributing to this series should contact the Series Editor, Thom Brooks, in the first instance. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

The series will be published by Brill, the publishers of the Journal of Moral Philosophy. More information will be announced shortly on the series board.


Ben said...

Bit sparse on detail. Do you mind me asking who the publisher is?

Thom Brooks said...

The series was accepted yesterday and our board is being finalized now. The series will be published by Brill, which also publishes the Journal of Moral Philosophy.

The first two books should be published in 2011. One is "Ethics and Moral Philosophy" and the other "Global Justice and International Affairs".

Expect to hear more in due course....