Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The travel blues

Well, I have finally arrived in the United States. This was after flight cancellations, being re-routed via Amsterdam and Paris, several delays for various items, sitting on a tarmac for 5 hours after landing, and still I don't have my luggage. No wonder I'm not going to make it to this year's APA, right? Anyway, I feel sorry for the many graduate students who will be doing everything short of making the trip on foot to ensure they attend whatever interviews they can achieve in what appears to be the most difficult market I have seen yet. I certainly wish everyone the best of luck -- and warmly encourage search committees to offer Skype or phone interviews to candidates who could not make it to interview in person. This year has been exceptional in many ways.

I'd be interested to hear of search committees that do short list candidates who were unable to make the Eastern...

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Alan said...

What a horror! You have my sympathy and my best wishes for the rest of your travels.