Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Petition to remove "The Big Society" as an AHRC research funding priority

I strongly urge all readers to sign the petition that I have drafted here. It is a petition to remove "The Big Society" as one of the UK-based Arts and Humanities Research Council's six areas for strategic funding priority. The concern is that this idea -- "The Big Society" -- is the political campaign slogan of one party, the Conservative Party. My concern is not that it is a Conservative Party political slogan (although I am a Labour Party member), but that the slogan of any political party is given priority in this way. I would be as deeply opposed to the idea of making "The Third Way" an area of strategic funding after the 1997 election that saw Tony Blair become Prime Minister.

I would strongly recommend the petition to all readers of all political leanings: this is not about left and right, but right and wrong. The more cross-party, multidisciplinary, and international support, the better!

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