Friday, March 18, 2011

Surrey university may charge £9,000 fees

Several universities look set to charge the maximum fee (£9,000) permitted from 2012 in the UK. These universities include Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, and many others. Now we have news this is likely also for Surrey University. Details here.

My prediction? All universities will charge the full amount.

Why? Well, why not? Major cuts are announced to the higher education sector, but the sector reassured that fee income may rise significantly to cover the costs of cuts. And so universities want to cover their costs, and perhaps earn additional income to assist in growing their institutions. The problem is certainly not willing numbers of students -- I am fairly certain that student numbers will remain fairly constant -- but a willing government (where one half of the coalition actively campaigned for no fees at all -- only to be the party that proposed raising the cap on fees three-fold).

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