Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thom Brooks on "The Respect for Nature: The Capabilities Approach"

. . . can be freely downloaded here. It is due to appear in Ethics, Policy and Environment. An abstract:

"In "Respect for Everything," David Schmidtz offers powerful arguments in favor of a respect for nature over species egalitarianism. While I accept much of his account, I argue that his understanding of respect may be too thin to perform its proper task. Instead, our use of respect should be grounded in the capabilities approach. This approach offers us a more substantive perspective through which we might best conceive respect. I will begin with an outline of the main argument in favour of respect for nature (and against species egalitarianism). The discussion will then close with how we might better understand respect."

UPDATE: Many thanks to Larry Solum for the kind mention here!

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