Monday, April 04, 2011

AHRC petition letter

Readers are encouraged to contact the AHRC Chief Executive, Professor Rick Rylance (, and recommend the immediate removal of "The Big Society" from the current AHRC delivery plan. Please feel free to copy, paste and send the following:
Dear Professor Rylance,

I write in support of the petition to remove all references to "The Big Society" in the current AHRC delivery plan for strategic research funding priorities. This petition was signed by nearly 2,500 colleagues in less than a week. It can be found here:  

This is a position about principle, not politics. I would have equally opposed mention of "The Third Way" after the 1997 general election. Political campaign slogans should not appear in research council delivery plans. I call upon the AHRC to remove "The Big Society" from its delivery plan and all other documentation with immediate effect.

Sincerely yours,

The more widespread the support, the better!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Brian Leiter for the terrific support for this campaign on his blog here!

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