Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Government policy on NHS reform

You know when there is a problem when the Prime Minister feels the need to assure the public no problem exists. Today, David Cameron has stressed that his government will not "take risks" with the NHS. The government has been considering a range of reforms aimed at reducing bureaucracy and attempting to encourage competition.

Thus far, the reforms have ben met by a wide coalition across political divides against the plans. The real fear for the Tories is that this is perhaps their best chance to reassure the public that they could be (or "are") the party best placed to protect the NHS --- and this opportunity may be lost. Enter the scramble to both publicly support the relevant government minister while calling a halt -- I meant, "pause" -- to the implementation of reforms.

I oppose gambling, but a good bet is that is that Andrew Lansley will be moved from the department after the May elections in a reshuffle. I'd also expect Vince Cable to receive a new portfolio.

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