Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The real election contest

. . . does not concern the forthcoming local elections and voting reform referendum. Instead, the real election contest centres on the increasingly likely -- in my view -- leadership contest in the Liberal Democrat Party just waiting to happen. A common criticism of Nick Clegg's leadership has been his allegedly "too cosy" relationship with Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Chris Huhne has been making a number of headlines, now including this "bust up" with the PM during today's Cabinet meeting.

Expect Huhne's hand to improve greatly (and swiftly) amidst calls for Clegg to resign if the "Yes to AV" vote fails and Liberal Democrats do poorly at the polls. Both results are likely -- and Clegg has already sold his house in his local constituency of Sheffield Hallam (opting for an apartment instead). A leadership change very soon is an increasingly likely possible.

Remember - you saw it here first!

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