Saturday, October 15, 2011

Government policy on obesity: eat less, exercise more, and you're on your own

Details here of the government policy which has rejected so-called "fat taxes". Interestingly, there appears no interest in even providing some form of "nudge", an approach that has been popular with ministers across parties. The government argues that obesity is largely a problem of personal responsibility. Critics say that, if true, people aren't doing enough about it and so policy needs to be tailored to bring about change.

There is much to be said for looking more carefully at diet. I lost about 5 stone in about 9 months by changing my diet (largely without much additional exercise). Nevertheless, the government "policy" appears little more than a policy to do not much, if anything. An opportunity wasted. This is not to say I'd recommend any heavy handed approach, but I'm surprised there has been no engagement with at least nudges. These nudges may not bring big changes, but something is better than nothing -- and nothing is proving to become more costly every year.


Adam said...

Yet more disappointment from this government.

Anonymous said...

This really is disappointing. What evidence is there that supports this "policy"? None? We should expect more and not least on a problem so serious.