Wednesday, October 05, 2011

PHYLO JOBS: new resource for finding jobs in philosophy

I'm delighted to share the following announcment:

We're pleased to announce the launch of Phylo Jobs (, a free listing of job openings for academic philosophers. Listings are accepted from department or search committee chairs (or their authorized representatives) and verified for accuracy before they appear. Phylo Jobs features include:

* full text search and filtering capabilities that sort jobs by location, rank, AOS, AOC, and type of institution
* live, searchable map of philosophy job postings worldwide
* multiple delivery options including RSS, text-only, Twitter, and Facebook
* community jobs wiki for unofficial status updates (

Phylo Jobs currently lists 80 openings from departments worldwide.

We invite you to use Phylo Jobs in your search this year or to officially post open positions. For an introductory screencast on using Phylo Jobs, please visit Please contact us at with questions or suggestions.


Phylo Jobs is part of a larger project, which combines data sources, user feedback, and visual analytics to advance the study of the discipline of philosophy. Our work traces the flow of ideas across time by documenting the people, places, and institutions associated with philosophy. As a service to the philosophical community, Phylo also provides free information on professional opportunities and activities, including job listings. Phylo was created by David Morrow (University of Alabama at Birmingham) and Chris Alen Sula (Pratt Institute School of Information & Library Science) and has received support from DigitalHumanities@SILS/Pratt, the CUNY New Media Lab, and the The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

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