Monday, October 31, 2011

Prince Charles offered opportunities to veto legislation

. . . according to this report from The Guardian. It is alleged that Prince Charles was offered this opportunity on 12 different bills. The Guardian reports:

"[. . .] Unlike royal assent to bills, which is exercised by the Queen as a matter of constitutional law, the prince's power applies when a new bill might affect his own interests, in particular the Duchy of Cornwall, a private £700m property empire that last year provided him with an £18m income. Neither the government nor Clarence House will reveal what, if any, alterations to legislation Charles has requested, or exactly why he was asked to grant consent to such a wide range of laws. [. . .]"

So much for "we're all in it together". . . .

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Richard Baron said...

I was horrified. I had no idea that this was the rule. But Prince Charles can, and should, kill the story today by announcing that he will automatically consent to all bills, without making any attempt to amend them, so long as he is Prince of Wales. Then Parliament will have time to pass legislation to get rid of the rule.

I was also greatly amused by one feature of the letter to Lord Berkeley, reproduced by the Guardian here:

In the fourth line of the second paragraph, the personal pronoun is capitalized: His. I thought that pronouns were only capitalized for deities. It must be the majesty of the majuscule.