Thursday, October 20, 2011

T. M. Scanlon on "Libertarianism and Liberty"

. . . the subtitle is "How Not to Argue for Limited Government and Lower Taxes" and found here in the Boston Review. Mandatory reading for anyone with an interest in the subject. A taster:

"Libertarianism presents itself as a simple, clear, and principled view. It appears to provide a moral basis, in the value of individual liberty, for a specific political program of limited government and low taxes. The moral significance of liberty seems obvious even to those who believe it is not the only thing that matters. But the claim of the libertarian political program to be founded on this value is illusory. Three lines of thought lead to conclusions that might be seen as libertarian. But none of these shows that respect for the value of individual liberty should lead one to support the political program of low taxes and limited government that libertarians are supposed to favor."


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