Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"Caesarians for all!"

The Tory-led government is proposing the idea that Caesarians become a right. In other words, women will have a choice on whether or not to undergo a Caesarian.

Readers may wonder what has led the government to take this shift in policy: is their new evidence at hand or petitions demanding reform?

While it has been argued that the procedure has become more safe in recent years, I would guess that the true reason for the shift in policy is an attempt to attract more support amongst women. Support amongst women for the Conservative Party has been reaching new lows and there had been much talk about more "women-friendly" policies to improve support. The big idea coming out of these meetings seems to be Caesarians for all! We've seen worse ideas before, but probably not the one big idea I would have advised in similar circumstances . . . not that I oppose this plan (which is why I say we've seem worse ideas before).

The challenge for the Tories is (a) to see whether this improves support amongst women and (b) to see whether they have any other ideas One idea does not forever improve party fortunes: there is a need for a platform supported by ideas. We have yet to see what this platform looks like.

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