Monday, November 28, 2011

Michael Gove: the grinch who stole your pension?

The BBC reports the following concern Michael Gove (Con), the Education Secretary:

"[. . .] In a speech at think tank Policy Exchange, Mr Gove warned that 90% of England's schools would be closed by striking teachers and appealed for them to think again. He said union militants wanted families to be inconvenienced.

But the PCS union said the public supported the strikes. It said: "A BBC poll released today shows overwhelming support for the strike and overwhelmingly people feel that Gove's government is mishandling the economy. Gove's speech smacks more of desperation than opinion and will fall on deaf ears." The strike over pension changes in the public sector could involve up to two million people.

Mr Gove said of union leaders: "They want mothers to give up a day's work, or pay for expensive childcare, because schools will be closed. They want teachers and other public sector workers to lose a day's pay in the run-up to Christmas. [. . .]"

So there we have it. Michael Gove believes that union leaders are wrong because they ask mothers, teachers, and "other public sector workers" to "lose a day's pay".

However, Gove wants mothers, teachers, and public sector workers to lose their current pensions in favour of a much less generous deal: people will pay and work much more...and receive much less. The figures dwarf one day's pay on all counts.

If Gove is so concerned about one day's pay for hard working families, then perhaps he should spare a thought for the pensions for these same families. (Hint: one is worth much more than the other, B > A.) The public gets it - and more than 60% support the strike. The only person who doesn't get it is Gove.

Michael Gove. Or the grinch who stole your pension in the run up to Christmas?

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