Monday, December 12, 2011

The Labour Party - Join Today

Readers may know that I am an active member of the Labour Party. British parties are unlike American parties for many reasons: one reason is that British parties must accept members, but a second reason is that British party members need not be British (and so my appeal is extended to both British and non-British citizens alike).

The Labour Party's membership website can be found here. While there is a small membership fee, there are many rewards. These include participation in the party's current policy deliberations and many (annual and regional) conferences. Members also have a vote -- and it does not matter if you are non-British.

The Tory-led coalition government has done enough damage to the country during its brief time in office. We are witnessing growing unemployment and higher crime rates alongside a reduced presence in Europe and the trebling of university student fees.

The Labour Party acts as the key opposition and now is more important than ever before to help grow our political movement to help safeguard Britain's interests nationally and abroad. Join today!

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