Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Us and Them", or more evidence in declining standards in government

The British government has been in talks with unions trying to find agreement on a new pension deal. Most accounts predict the deal will lead to public sector workers contributing much more and working longer for a much smaller pension. In representing the government's position in talks, Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander is reported to have offered this gem in his statement to Parliament:

"[. . .] : "The negotiations ... are now concluded. This is the government's final position. Us and the unions agree that this is the best position that we can reach through negotiations. [. . .]"

"Us and the unions"? While it was clear the Liberal Democrats were set to lost much support from their student base after recommending to Parliament that university fees become trebled in price, there's no need to reach these depths. What next? "We ain't gonna negotiate. Innit"?

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