Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Labour can win the next general election

From my essay "The Battle for Britain 2015" on the Progress website:

"[. . .] We must first identify the central issues that most concern voters and shape a compelling vision of how they are best addressed. It is tempting to provide lists drawn up from media headlines, but there is one particular issue that speaks to them all. This is the issue of social and political insecurity.
The problem of insecurity will be the defining issue for the 2015 election. Citizens face this problem across a wide array of issues. People have insecurity about finding new employment or remaining in work. They face insecurity concerning housing both in entering the housing market and anxiety about falling house prices. There is insecurity in other areas as well, such as higher education. Record numbers of students are choosing to avoid studying at university in light of government policies permitting annual fees to rise to £9,000.

Public insecurity about employment, housing, and other issues feed into other insecurities, such as immigration. It is public insecurity about their future and the lack of opportunities that contributes to concerns about immigration. Advocates of greater border control express not racism or xenophobia, but instead a general insecurity about existing pressures on present circumstances and a lack of belief in future opportunities. The best way to tackle immigration concerns is to give the public hope and dispel their fears for the future of this country. Mere border restrictions alone will not meet this demand. [. . .]"

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