Monday, May 21, 2012

CFP: Ethical Citizenship

I write to request expressions of interest to contribute to a book or special issue on the topic of Ethical Citizenship: British Idealism and the Politics of Recognition. The project brief:

"Citizenship is an idea about the duties and obligations that members of a political community have to one another. This is the first book length treatment to explore the idea of ethical citizenship that was developed by British Idealists, such as Bosanquet, Bradley, Collingwood, Green, and Seth. Ethical citizenship is about a particularly communitarian relationship between compatriots based around a conception of the common good. These essays will illuminate the idea of ethical citizenship and explain how this idea has practical relevance in policy debates today in a contribution that is both scholarly and timely that will benefit those interested in British Idealism as well as those looking for new highly promising concepts to better inform and improve how we design public policy today."

I am looking for papers that may take a more historical angle - such as exploring how British Idealists have redefined the idea of citizenship in their work - and also papers that speak specifically to the contemporary relevance of their contributions, a topic of particular interest for me.

Please send me a proposed title and abstract (100-250 words) by *15 JUNE 2012* to if you are interested. Selected papers would not be due until the following June 2013. Let me know if you have any questions.

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