Tuesday, June 19, 2012

APA Committee on Philosophy and Law

Colleagues working in legal philosophy should consider a three-year appointment to the American Philosophical Association's Committee on Philosophy and Law. I joined the committee in 2007 and I have served as its Chair since 2009. (I remain especially grateful to the APA for this honour in light of my working outside North America during this time.) My term expires shortly and I will be replaced by the fantastic Melinda Roberts.

Committee activities are primarily centred on organizing panels at the APA's divisional meetings (Eastern, Central, Pacific). Further activities include our Berger Prize for best essay in legal philosophy awarded every two years. We also regularly publish an illuminating Newsletter. The committee offers several opportunities to become more involved in the workings of the APA and the promotion of the philosophy of law in the discipline.

Nominations remain open -- and candidates may self-nominate themselves. It is required that all nominees are APA members. The APA website is here. Interested colleagues should feel free to contact me via my homepage if there are any questions.

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