Monday, July 23, 2012

New books, new book series

Today, I have received new books in two book series I edit. The first is Kelly Staples, Retheorising Statelessness: A Background Theory of Membership in World Politics (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). The blurb:

"Stateless persons are increasingly a concern of governments, international agencies and NGOs. Now, Kelly Staples supplies a much-needed political theorisation of statelessness. Her membership theory framework combines theory and contemporary case studies to demonstrate the connection between the protections of state membership, the burdens of statelessness and the situation of stateless persons."
This book appears in the Studies in Global Justice and Human Rights series. Several books are scheduled for release shortly, including Peter W. Higgins, Immigration Justice; Joshua J. Kassner, Rwanda and the Moral Obligation of Humanitiarian Intervention; Patti Tamara Lenard and Christine Straehle (eds), Health Inequalities and Global Justice; Daniel H. Levine, The Morality of Peacekeeping; Andras Miklos, Institutions in Global Distributive Justice; and Oche Onazi, Community and Human Rights. All books in this series are distributed in North America by Columbia University Press.

The second book is Alan Tapper and T. Brian Mooney (eds), Meaning and Morality: Essays on the Philosophy of Julius Kovesi (Brill, 2012). The blurb:

Julius Kovesi's Moral Notions (1967) was a startlingly original contribution to moral philosophy and theory of meaning. After initial positive reviews Kovesi's book was largely forgotten. Nevertheless, it continued to have an enduring influence on a number of philosophers and theologians some of whom have contributed to this volume. The original essays collected here critique, analyze, deepen and extend the work of Kovesi. The book will be of particular interest to moral philosophers and those working on concept formation, while also having a broader appeal to social scientists grappling with the description/evaluation problem.

This book appears in the Studies in Moral Philosophy (SIMP) series. Earlier volumes include Thom Brooks (ed.), Ethics and Moral Philosophy (2011) and Thom Brooks (ed.), Global Justice and International Affairs (2012). The next scheduled book is Thom Brooks (ed.), Law and Legal Theory (forthcoming).

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