Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Journal of Moral Philosophy - A New Beginning

Today is unlike most others. I have signed off on the final issue of the Journal of Moral Philosophy as its editor. I founded the JMP in 2003 after year long negotiations with several publishers and with the strong encouragement of old friends, Mark Bevir and Fabian Freyenhagen. The journal launched in 2004, turned quarterly in 2009 and will soon move to 6 issues per year from 2013.

The journal will also have a new editor in S. Matthew Liao, who I'm certain will do a magnificent job at moving the journal to much greater heights. I will remain as an associate editor and there will be a new management structure to be announced in a few months. A new beginning and the end of an era.

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Matt said...

Congratulations, Thom- it's quite an achievement to not just start a journal but to turn it into a well-respected one. Even though the only article I ever submitted to it was rejected, I've always liked the journal very much and hope it will continue to thrive.