Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Hegel Bulletin

Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce that it will publish Hegel Bulletin from 2013, on behalf of the Hegel Society of Great Britain.

Formerly known as the Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, this move marks a significant moment in the journal's development. In recognition of its wider circulation, broader scope, and availability online for the first time, the journal is being relaunched as Hegel Bulletin. For more information about these bibliographic changes, please visit

Hegel Bulletin is a leading English language journal for anyone interested in Hegel’s thought, its context, legacy and contemporary relevance. The aim of the Bulletin is to promote high quality contributions in the field of Hegel studies. This field is broadly construed to include all aspects of Hegel’s thought, and its relation and relevance to the history of philosophy; Hegelian contributions to all aspects of current philosophical enquiry, including the modern European and analytic philosophical traditions; German Idealism, British Idealism, Marx and Marxism, Critical Theory, American Pragmatism; studies in the reception history of Hegel and German Idealism.
Hegel Bulletin will be available in print and electronic formats, and digitised as part of the Cambridge Journals Digital Archive. Access via Cambridge’s industry-leading platform, Cambridge Journals Online, will improve the journal’s usability and functionality.

About the Hegel Society of Great Britain
The Hegel Society of Great Britain (HSGB) is a forum for those interested in the work of the German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel (1770-1831), his predecessors and contemporaries, his followers and his critics. The HSGB was founded in 1979, and now counts over 200 members. As well as publishing the Bulletin, the HSGB holds an annual conference and actively co-operates with other Hegel societies, particularly those in Germany and the USA.
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Exciting news and I'm delighted at this development!

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