Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thom Brooks (ed.), Hegel's Philosophy of Right - review

My collection Hegel's Philosophy of Right (Blackwell, 2012) is reviewed by Paul Redding at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews here. The book can be found on, and elsewhere. Redding says '"the essays in this collection do live up to its cover blurb's description as "highly engaging and accessible scholarly essays"'; "As a collection, Hegel's Philosophy of Right is indeed a worthwhile addition to the growing reassessment on Hegel's political philosophy" and "all in all this is an important contribution to the task of bringing Hegel's endlessly fascinating and controversial ideas to contemporary political philosophy."

This book was reviewed last month by Choice which said "The essays are refreshingly free of complex jargon and, taken together, offer a good sampling of recent work in Hegelian moral and political philosophy."

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