Monday, March 18, 2013

The UK Citizenship Test is "unfit for purpose": News round-up

Delighted to see wide coverage of my recent criticisms of the new "Life in the United Kingdom" citizenship test in the press over the last 24 hours, including:

The Times (18 March 2013 - page 9)

The Scotsman (18 March 2013)

The Yorkshire Post (18 March 2013)

The Huffington Post (17 March 2013)

The Express (19 March 2013)

The Hillingdon & Uxbridge Times (17 March 2013)

...and this additional item on the Durham University news website. I will post further stories as they appear.

Other links include a piece on Anthony Davis's programme on LBC 97.3 FM that aired on 18 March 2013.

UPDATE: Additional links to my interviews with BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Tees and others can be found here. There will be much more to come over the next few weeks as I will be publishing a critical report about the test with launch details to be announced shortly.

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