Thursday, April 04, 2013

Continuing problems with launch of "Life in the United Kingdom" citizenship test

Readers will know about recent posts (with links below) to my interviews and commentary on problems with the launch of the new Life in the United Kingdom citizenship test. The problems continue.

The launch of the new third edition of the test was on 25th of March. The official handbook was available for purchase -- the test questions are designed to test knowledge gained from the handbook -- but the other books were NOT available for the launch.

Today, I have received the following message from TSO:


Title: Passing the life in the UK test: a guide for new residents official practice questions and answers 2013 ed
ISBN: 0113413432 / 9780113413430
Price: £7.99
Quantity: 1

 Title: Life in the United Kingdom: a guide for new residents official citizenship test study guide 2013 ed
ISBN: 0113413424 / 9780113413423
Price: £7.99
Quantity: 1 [....]"

What does this mean? It means that the official sample questions and answers book has only just been published and released -- about TWO WEEKS after the launch of the test(!).

It also means that an altogether new third book - the "guide" for how to sit the test, a book never published before and altogether unknown - has not been available to anyone who has taken the test over the last fortnight.

This is outrageous and possible evidence that the new test has been rushed...and botched. I will announce soon the launch date of my critical and comprehensive report into the many problems with the new test to be held in May.

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