Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Editor's Cut: The Future of Philosophical Research According to Journal Editors

This is a special issue of the journal Metaphilosophy with papers drawn from an engaging and illuminating conference held at the University of London. The issue contains papers by journal editors that outline their perspectives on the next major developments in academic philosophy. The issue can be found here. The contents include (amongst others):

"Introduction" - Luciano Floridi

"What is A Philosophical Question?" - Luciano Floridi

"Whither Philosophy?" - Robert Stern

"Philosophy of Science A Personal Peek into the Future" - Steven French & Michela Massimi

"The Future of Philosophy" - Tim Mulgan

"Philosophy Unbound: The Idea of Global Philosophy" - Thom Brooks

"Scientific Philosophy, Mathematical Philosophy, and All That" - Hannes Leitgeb

"Trends and Progress in Philosophy" - Matti Eklund

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