Friday, April 25, 2014

On Punitive Restoration

. . . is my new essay for the public policy think tank Demos' Demos Quarterly and can be found here. I argue that the twin challenges of improving public confidence about criminal justice while improving crime reduction --- often in tension with each other --- can be achieved through restructuring the uses of restorative justice.

Punitive restoration is about expanding the options for restorative conferences --- to include a more punitive element --- in order to increase the applicability of restorative justice to more cases in the criminal justice system. The recommended options include suspended sentences and intensive rehabilitation under specified conditions.

My "impact essay" (a column connecting academia with policy) is included in an issue with articles by Mark Thompson (former Director-General of the BBC), senior political journalists Adam Boulton and Mary Riddell, and Trevor Phillips (the first chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission).

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