Monday, May 05, 2014

Hegel Society of Great Britain conference - Hegel's Political Philosophy

The 2014 HSGB conference is now open for registration. The theme is Hegel's Political Philosophy, and the speakers are as follows:

Thursday 4th September
1.30-3.00 Dean Moyar (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore): “Law as the Public Conscience: A Hobbesian Theme in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”
3.30-5.00 Jean-François Kervégan (Paris 1): “Hegel’s Political Epistemology”
5.30-7.00 Frank Ruda (Freie Universität, Berlin): “What Is to Be Done (with Hegel’s Monarch)?”

Friday 5th September
9.30-11.00 Rahel Jaeggi (Humboldt, Berlin): “Normativity and History”
11.30-1.00 Sebastian Stein (Heidelberg): “Untouchable Dogma or Historical Relativity? On the Revisability of the Philosophy of Right’s Institutions”
Susanne Hermann-Sinai (Leipzig / Oxford): “Does Hegel have a Notion of Practical Knowledge?”
2.00-3.30 Thom Brooks (Durham): “Justice for Stakeholders: Lessons from Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”

The conference will take place at Magdalene College, Cambridge. The deadline for registration is 1st August 2014.

For further details, and to register, please go to:

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