Monday, January 12, 2015

Birmingham (UK) on Fox News

Fox News terrorism expert Steven Emerson said on live television that Birmingham in the UK is a 'totally Muslim city' where non-Muslims do not go. Emerson soon apologised for these remarks, but not before criticism of his outrageously false remarks became rightly lampooned on social media as #FoxNewsFacts.

It is shocking that any major "news" channel would have "experts" making such outrageously false pronouncements without challenge from the news anchor. One of many problems is that such comments will be accepted as fact by viewers as they should expect "experts" to have some knowledge about the subjects they discuss. A second problem is that not all persons who saw the original broadcast will learn about his swift and unequivocal apology.

But it is shocking that someone can be on live television and make such utterly false comments with such repeated certainty - as Emerson does - so contrary to truth. It is hoped that such errors will not happen again like this in future... 

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