Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The election lesson we must learn is relevance

. . . is the title of my latest post for LabourList. A small taste:

"I believe part of this project of renewal should focus on Labour as the party of union: of trade unions, of the union of our United Kingdom and of the European Union. Ed Miliband has suffered more criticism than deserved, but one idea he has right is One Nation Labour. You can already see George Osborne talking explicitly about One Nation politics in his pursuit of Northern ‘powerhouses’. Labour is better placed to be a One Nation party committed to defending union. Making this case relevant to everyday life is a major challenge. But so much is at stake from the unity of our country to our prosperity as part of a strong EU. Let us be the party that defends all that is ‘Great’ about ‘Great Britain’ and our place in Europe."


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