Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tony Blair is right about Labour and the 2015 General Election

In his piece for The Observer published today ("Labour must be the party of ambition as well as compassion"), former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that:

"The Labour party should be disappointed, deeply so; but not disheartened. We lost. But there is nothing preventing us winning next time other than ourselves. This may seem odd to say but we have a huge opportunity. The country defaulted to the Tories. It didn’t desire them. That explains the difference between the polls and the result. We should be energised, not depressed.

All of us in the party now have a responsibility: no comfort zones, no confusion between tactics and strategy, no believing we have avoided division when we have only avoided decision, no refuge in complexity because we won’t recognise simplicity.

Defeat is bitter; but it can also be instructive. Choosing a new leader is important, but not nearly as important as choosing direction."

Wise words and more in a fabulous piece that I hope many will take to heart as Labour rebuilds. READ MORE HERE.

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