Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lord Green of Deddington tries to eat his cake...

From the Hansard and the Immigration Bill debate in the House of Lords on 20 January 2016 (column 849):

Lord Kennedy of Southwark: The noble Lord referred to the position in most of the European Union where people have to wait for nine months before they can work. Is he saying that he would support a time period of nine months?

Lord Green of Deddington: No. I am saying that we should keep it at 12 months in order that we are not more attractive than other countries on that point.
Lord Kennedy of Southwark: Amendment 134A in the names of the noble Baroness, Lady Hamwee, and the noble Lord, Lord Paddick, says that asylum seekers should get permission to work after 12 months as a right. Would the noble Lord support that amendment?
Lord Green of Deddington: The short answer is no.

So there you have it. He agrees 'we should keep it at 12 months', but won't support the amendment when he is reminded it will keep it at 12 months.

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