Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Washington Times runs op-ed on British immigration peddling nonsense

At the Washington Times, they ran a column by Robert Merry about British immigration. His piece peddles a number of claims about how immigration works - and I tried to correct this in a letter to them:

Dear Editor,

Robert Merry claims Tony Blair's Labour government "eliminated nearly all previous restrictions on immigration" in support of an open border policy, in raising points made by Benjamin Schwartz in Mr. Merry's magazine. As an English law professor specialising in immigration, this so-called "scholarly" analysis is anything but that. There has never been such an open border policy - not even for European citizens. Blair is credited by the current Conservative government for greatly expanding regulations - some say too much and too fast - introducing citizenship tests and ceremonies in addition to hundreds of pages of new secondary legislation covering residency, English language, good character and much more. If there is fault, it is not where Mr. Merry claims.

Yours sincerely,
Prof Thom Brooks
Durham, UK

I also offered to write a longer op-ed - as I was keen to correct the problems I had with Mr. Merry's account.

Sadly, the Washington Times were merry enough to not let their readers know there are flaws with his analysis. So I've reproduced it here. You can read Merry's original post here.

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