Friday, February 05, 2016

Prof. @thom_brooks tells Cameron "if you confuse the public, you lose the public" on #EUreferendum - bookings on @globelynx


"PM David Cameron wants the EU referendum to be a vote about something more than the UK’s place in Europe, but Cameron’s place in the history books as the Prime Minister that forced changes on Europe.

"But his task was never going to be easy – finding meaningful changes that 27 other EU leaders and the EU Parliament will accept no mean feat. Cameron’s done well to have any meaningful proposal at all.

"If you confuse the public, you lose the public. Cameron’s wanting a referendum on his proposals in favour of the UK in EU is becoming a big boost for Brexit – not the place in history books the Prime Minister imagined."



Thom is an American who became a British citizen and has written extensively on immigration law and policy, especially the UK’s citizenship test. He has advised the Labour party on migration policy – and advised on the 2015 election manifesto in both immigration policy and criminal justice reform. Brooks is an award winning author and lecturer who teaches Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Jurisprudence, Public Policy, Strategic Communications and UK Constitutional Law. He was a part of the successful re-election campaign team for Phil Wilson MP (Labour) in Sedgefield, a seat formerly held by PM Tony Blair, as communications lead and Brooks continues this work now for the Sedgefield Constituency Labour Party. His books include Becoming British: UK Citizenship Examined (Biteback, 2016) and Punishment, 2nd ed (Routledge, 2016). Brooks is the UK’s only Professor of Law and Government.

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