Tuesday, March 01, 2016

STATEMENT: Boston Bomber Passed US Citizenship Test

-          One of the Boston bombers passed the US citizenship test about 3 months before the attack in 2013. The Chechen national was planning to become a US citizen.
-          Citizenship tests used in the US – and in the UK – as evidence that someone has accepted the values of new country and integrating.
-          This raises serious questions about whether any citizenship test can prove someone is integrating, instead of saying what authorities want to hear.
-          Lessons to be learned for UK government in this. One key finding in research for my book Becoming British (Biteback, 2016) out next month is forcing migrants to sit tests about British life few British citizens can pass does not appear to improve integration, but instead makes people feel more alienated.
-          Citizenship tests can be useful, but should not be expected to show too much.

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