Wednesday, June 15, 2016

STATEMENT: Why Vote Leave post-Brexit immigration plans are a bad deal

A statement by Thom Brooks, Professor of Law and Government at Durham University's Law School and immigration expert, on Vote Leave’s Brexit immigration plans:
·         At the heart of Vote Leave’s agenda for a post-Brexit Britain is an Asylum and Immigration Control Bill.

·         The new law aims “"To end the automatic right of all EU citizens to enter the UK"

·         But no such law is necessary. EU citizens do not have any automatic right to cross Britain’s border.

·         EU ‘free’ movement of people is subject to conditions – it is neither uncontrolled or unrestricted.

·         EU citizens can claim no benefits during their first three months and may be deported if without a job or realistic prospect of a job after a total of six months – just like anyone on a tourist visa.

·         Deported EU citizens can be excluded from entry as can persons deemed not in public interest, such as those suspected of terrorist activities.

·         The one automatic right that would end is on asylum – Britain’s Brexit would mean an end to our being part of the Dublin Regulation on asylum seekers.

·         This would mean that any refugee coming to the UK could no longer be returned to the EU country they first entered to have their claim for asylum considered.

·         Brexit could mean more asylum seekers coming to Britain as they would no longer risk return to other parts of EU and, if successful, could stay in the UK rather than build a new life elsewhere.

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