Monday, October 10, 2016

STATEMENT: On Clinton v Trump in Presidential Debate No. 2

·    Americans watching the second Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump saw the most heated confrontation in this increasingly personal campaign.

·     Viewers favoured Clinton over Trump, but we should not overstate the importance of the debate on changing minds.

·     It wasn’t the debate that put a nail in the coffin of Trump’s campaign for the White House but his lewd remarks about women that look like a significant turning point – with more voters turned off from supporting Trump.

·     While Clinton’s chances improve daily – although her campaign has been far from perfect – the real problem for Republicans is where they go next. While their establishment retract endorsements to Trump in their droves, the GOP base still favour Trump overwhelmingly. Trump may not be the face of America or ever lead it, but the longer the Republicans cannot unseat him as their most popular member they will remain looking at the White House from outside the Rose Garden gates rather than from inside the Oval Office.

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