Wednesday, October 12, 2016

STATEMENT: Theresa May's Brexit plans

Statement by Thom Brooks, Head of Durham Law School -

·      Little has changed since Theresa May said “Brexit means Brexit”. We still lack much substance on what comes next – except that May wants to keep us all in the dark.

·     It’s a relief to see growing unease in Parliament for May to trigger Article 50 without a plan given proper scrutiny by MPs and the public.

·     The Referendum was for leaving the EU, but not on any terms.

·     Vote Leave promised £350 million per week to the NHS and a points-based immigration system – neither will happen.

·     Vote Leave also promised that leaving would mean Parliament could ‘take back control’. And so it should in deciding the terms and timing for any Brexit.

·     If May fails to do that too, she ignores the three main pledges that won the referendum for Brexit – and risks abusing a vote for one future by giving us something very different. And none of us know what that is. Perhaps not even her Cabinet.

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Liv said...

There would be some irony if Britain joined Nafta instead. Though I realize this is unlikely.