Friday, November 11, 2016

My PMQ question for Theresa May - on Brexit

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn invites the public to submit possible questions he might put to Theresa May in each week's Prime Minister's Questions in Parliament. This is mine:

""Brexit means Brexit" says nothing at all. Will you please ask the Prime Minister if this spin means nothing - or has her government scribbled a plan during their so-called Brexit brainstorm retreat?

As Professor of Law and Government at Durham University where I'm Head of Law, it is increasingly clear that Brexit means much more that breaking away from the EU or agreeing a new trade deal with the EU. There are difficult issues - relating to maternity pay, workers' rights and others - that need to be divided into what will be kept, what will be reformed and what will be binned and with a plan for each part. This can't be hammered out in a weekend at Chequers or in two years. So why won't the PM come clean and say she won't do it after all?"

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