Monday, June 19, 2017

Brexit talks start today - and the UK is not in a good position

Some talking points for tv/radio producers (I'm available - get in touch):

·         Britain’s Brexit talks could not begin from a worse position.

·         The Government asked voters for a big sign of support to enhance its hand in negotiations – which flopped as a slim majority was wiped out and still an open question about how long the current minority government can limp along.

·         As of Friday, the Government failed to provide even an outline sketch of its position paper for the EU ahead of negotiations – which is standard protocol. This strongly suggests two things: first, the Government is still uncertain about its aims and objectives for Brexit on the eve of talks and, second, the Government is failing to do much at all to win trust and confidence from the EU.

·         If Theresa May’s Government continues to be so vacuous, uncertain and perhaps insincere about the direction and seriousness of these talks, a positive outcome is almost impossible to foresee – and such consequences are avoidable, but the clock is ticking.

·         After a campaign of promising “strong and stable leadership” during the election, we’re seeing nothing of the kind now with Brexit talks. A real gap between the government’s rhetoric and reality.

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