Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thom Brooks - statement on EU Withdrawal Bill in Parliament

"It’s increasingly likely that any vote in Parliament will come in the final days – maybe final hours – before the March 2019 exit.

Instead of taking back control, Theresa May’s government is playing its own version of ‘deal or no deal’ giving MPs little choice over what Britain’s deal might be for a generation and little time to see any details to know what they are getting us all into.

The main issue a virtual civil war between different factions in the Tory Party rather than working with public in public interest, as if the public’s intentions for Brexit are clear or obvious from almost one year ago with no reason to work with the public instead of refusing to hear their aims, aspirations for the future and more.

I’ve never seen such breath-taking irresponsibility about a matter of such significance in my lifetime."

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