Friday, October 27, 2006

Post 500

Wow. I'm already at my 500th post. I can't believe how well this blog has taken off since I started blogging in June earlier this year. There are so many to thank, not least Stefan Andreasson, Larry Solum, and, most especially, Brian Leiter. As I creep towards 10,000 hits, a few reflections.

I often hear from some colleagues that blogging is a mistake, that it can be a mistake. I suppose that's only true if spreading company secrets and betraying trust, something you'll never find here. I've found blogging wonderfully liberating: we're not alone. I enjoy little more than finding some engaging comments each day to previous posts across so many areas, from shame punishment to deliberative democracy. I recommend blogging to everyone.

Finally, I must most sincerely thank you, the readers. I hope this blog continues to give you something of interest. Always feel free to let me know how it can be improved or more helpful.

UPDATE: In autumn 2010, this blog changed to more narrowly focus on ethics, politics, and public policy. As a result, many of the earlier posts have been deleted.

Now on to 10,000....

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