Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Call for new members: The Global Justice & Human Rights Group

I am pleased to announce the creation of a new Political Studies Association specialist group Global Justice and Human Rights. The group is led by Simon Caney (Oxford) and myself as co-convenors, Tim Hayward (Edinburgh) as treasurer, and Clare Heyward (Oxford) as secretary. The topic of global justice and human rights is of considerable contemporary interest. Issues, such as terrorism, just war theory, severe poverty and famine, climate change and environmental degradation, as well as the protection and safeguarding of human rights both in the United Kingdom and abroad, will clearly continue to be major areas of global concern for the foreseeable future. The Global Justice and Human Rights specialist group will aim primarily to create a new network amongst political scientists and others to foster and promote the study of these live issues of international affairs. The group will most likely be composed primarily of members working in political theory, although other subfields will be represented as well, such as comparative studies, development studies, and international relations to name a few.

I will post more information on our new website, as well as information on our first meeting provisionally set for next academic year at the University of Oxford. Meanwhile, I am constructing an email list of all persons interested in joining the group. If you or others you know would like to be on this list (and receive updates on group activities), then please contact me by email here. Membership is free---and you need not be a member of the Political Studies Association to join.

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