Monday, December 08, 2008

The Journal of Moral Philosophy is ranked "A"

Readers will recall my previous post on the rankings of philosophy journals being undertaken in Australia and New Zealand. (This post can be found here.) Of particular surprise was finding the Journal of Moral Philosophy ranked "B" and not higher. I immediately wrote to the AAP making a case for the JMP's rank to be upgraded and I noted the case on this blog.

I have been thrilled by the reaction. First, Brian Leiter graciously noted my post on the rankings on his Leiter Reports. This brought my concerns to a wider than normal audience. Secondly, the larger than normal traffic led to an excellent discussion of the philosophy list, especially several helpful clarifications by Dave Chalmers.

I am delighted to announce that these efforts were all well worth while: I have today received news that the AAP has changed our listing from "A" (from "B"). We now find the JMP set alongside journals, such as American Philosophical Quarterly, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Journal of Ethics, Journal of Social Philosophy, Metaphilosophy, Ratio, Philosophy, and Utilitas to name a few.

We remain short of the highest distinction --- A* --- as we now complete publication of just our fifth volume. However, the way things are going --- we are receiving record levels of submissions --- this may change over the next five years as the journal continues to develop.

My thanks again to everyone involved in commenting on my earlier post, especially Chalmers and Leiter, as well as the AAP for reconsidering the JMP's ranking in light of my appeal. This is yet another good day for the JMP.